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Five Tips For Working From Home Productively

Working from home is a major adjustment at the best of times, especially if you happen to be an extremely social person, thriving on companionship and connection in the workplace. If you’ve recently been forced into setting up a home office due to the coronavirus pandemic, here are five tips to help you stay organised, focused and on top of your schedule.

1. Get out of your pyjamas

Without your coworkers around, it might be tempting to spend the day in your PJs, but it’s likely you’ll feel less motivated without a fresh start to the day. We recommend showering and getting dressed each morning before you commence work — just like you would prepare for the office. Fresh, clean clothes and tidy hair will help you get into the zone and up your productivity levels.

2. Stick to your routine

It’s important to maintain a schedule when you’re working from home. It’s easy to get distracted by fridge-picking, Netflix, pets or your partner and children, but sticking to work hours and ensuring you have appropriate breaks for a nutritious lunch will do you wonders. Consider breaking the day up into chunks with smaller breaks, stopping for short walks or stretches, and resting your eyes from the screen.

3. Create an effective working space

Nothing will get you more offtrack than not having a designated work station. When setting up your home office, think about the practicalities of the space and the ergonomics. You’ll need enough bench space for your computer, with plenty of leg room. A comfortable chair with back support is essential. Adjust your chair so you’re sitting at a height that won’t crane your neck.

4. Stay connected

Your mental wellness is vital at the moment. The key here is to keep up your social interactions — virtually! To combat debilitating loneliness, take advantage of services like Zoom, Skype and FaceTime for face-to-face meetups.

You can also try listening to relaxing music while you work and stay positive with an inspirational podcasts.

5. A little help from the Apps

There’s an app for everything, and that includes working from home. You can keep track of work hours with Toggl, stay connected with work colleagues via Slack, and if you’re finding yourself distracted by social media unplug with a social media blocker, such as Offtime, Moment, Freedom or Self Control.

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