Drink: Vodka, Mint, Lime and Basil Spritzers

Summer in Australia can get incredibly hot, reaching well over 100 Fahrenheit for days on end in some States. A refreshing spritzer that cools you down and keeps you hydrated is a must. 

To make, simply add a splash of vodka straight from the freezer to a tumbler, add shavings of ice, a good squeeze of lime juice, fresh basil and mint leaves and top with sparkling soda water. Garnish with extra mint and lime slices. Enjoy!

3 comments on “Drink: Vodka, Mint, Lime and Basil Spritzers

  1. Sounds refreshing. Can’t wait to try it this summer while sitting on my patio!

  2. delicious!

  3. So much green in one that it’s hard to not feeling all summery and breezy. Yea nothing’s like aus summer. Glad I got your recipe for this now

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