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ELE Health & Beauty: Lip Products I Can’t Live Without

By Alex Garlan, ELE Health & Beauty Writer

Around 18 months ago I ditched petroleum-based lip balms (it’s terrible, seriously, google it), which has meant bailing on Chapsticks, Lucas Papaw and basically anything you can buy quickly at a 711. The effects of this were crazy dry lips; I mean they were literally cracked and bleeding – I know, super glamorous 😉 so I have been on the hunt for the perfect lip balms, tints and ointments to hoard like a dragon and dragging the ELE ladies with me. So over the winter the team at ELE have been road testing several lip products to determine which ones deserve space in your handbag, going-out clutch, bedside table and desk drawer, and which can be kicked to the curb like the scrub they are (hint: they have petroleum listed in the ingredients).

Handbag – Ultra Violette Sheen Screen SPF 30 Hydrating Lip Balm in Peach
Anyone who has read my previous blogs knows that I love Peach tones so it’s no surprise that I am obsessed with Ultra Violette’s lip balm. It’s SUPER hydrating, has a cute peachy sheen, is chock-full of sunscreen and the packaging is freaking adorable. Seriously, I whipped this out at a family catch up the other day and it was jumped on by my mum and aunt who were keen to try it because it “looks so hydrating”. This is the sort of lip balm that you need by your side all day every damn day. Keep it in your handbag, apply liberally throughout the day, keep your lips hydrated and free from wind and sun damage. It’s an Australian-made beauty, that can be bought the world over, so go on and treat yo self. Adore Beauty has the full range of Ultra Violette (and they ALWAYS have free samples and great gifts).

Going Out Clutch – Kora Organic Noni Lip Tint
Now, fair warning, if you aren’t a fan of fragrances then you will freaking HATE this lip tint; but if, like me, you enjoy that little something extra then this is the perfect tint to have in your clutch when you head out for ladies night. This pot of tint will last you approximately 40 years, I’ve been having solid digs at it for months now and it looks almost brand new. It’s hydrating enough that you don’t need a balm underneath, plus the beetroot juice derived pigment makes the stain stick around, you’ll even wake up the next day with a slight colour tint still there so you just have to add a clear gloss to make your lips pop for Sunday brunch.

Bedside Table – Frank Body Lip Balm
The hardest part about replacing Lucas Papaw for me is that it’s so damn thick, and I loved lathering my lips in a serious coat before bed knowing that they would still feel moisturised in the morning. I have gone through SO MANY different balms trying to find something that would bring that same thickness to my evening routine. That’s when I spied Katherine from ELE using this balm. I grabbed it on my next visit to Mecca and I have not looked back. Honestly, I have so many good things to say about this balm, it’s a bargain at $12, it was the balm that stopped my lips from cracking and bleeding, it smells and tastes better than Lucas Papaw; it’s just a true level-up from that petroleum-based garbage I’d been pumping into my lips for the last 12-15 years.

Desk Drawer – Lanolips 101 Ointment Multi-Balm in Peach
Surprise, surprise, I have managed to sneak another peachy lip product into this list. Lanolips ointment is 100% natural, it’s super hydrating and it smells so damn delicious. They day that I bought this I forced it on two other ELE writers who admitted, of their own volition, that it was very good. This is your new chapstick, pop it in your desk drawer, pull it out at any point when you have a meeting with someone that you don’t like so you can smell that peachy goodness and imagine you’re somewhere else! My fav thing about Lanolips is that it’s available in places like Priceline, which admittedly doesn’t make it quite as accessible as Lucas Papaw or a Nivea stick, but Lanolips is better for you and you can buy it in my hometown of Wagga Wagga so it clearly isn’t too hard to come by. You’re welcome.

Now go forth, and throw your Papaw and your Chapsticks in the bin and coat those beautiful kissers in lanolin. You’ll thank me later 😉

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6 comments on “ELE Health & Beauty: Lip Products I Can’t Live Without

  1. Love this! I live at the beach and have dry skin. So, I use lip balms often in the summer, in the cooler winter months. Thanks for posting. (Plus it’s nice to stop the daily schedule and think about make-up and skin care products for a few moments.) ok, going to check my labels. Haha. Cheers to a fab Monday!

    • eatliveescape

      Thanks for your comment! I agree it’s nice to have a break to think about something more fun during the day! We love the ultra Violette when we are near the beach – the SPF helps in the harsh Aussie sunshine!

  2. Sorry for the darn comma splice. I never do that!

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