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ELE Interview: Taking Five with Tehau and Vaimiti, The Wild Walker, French Polynesia

Swaying palm trees, tropical islands, water so blue it appears unreal – we can only be talking about the incredibly stunning islands of French Polynesia. We first stumbled across Tehau and Vaimiti from The Wild Walker while we were scrolling through Instagram daydreaming about a tropical escape. Looking at their beautiful life a world away from the hustle and bustle of a big city has us ready to pack our bags and head to the Pacific for some serious island time.

1. Where is your favourite travel destination and why?

French Polynesia because we live there and the landscapes are unique and still wild – beautiful beaches, majestic mountains, many waterfalls.. There is so much left to explore, like many people we haven’t visited all of the 118 islands yet! So for now we are focusing on our country.

2. What is your go-to recipe to cook at home ?

Simple meals like fried tofu in soy sauce, vegetables and quinoa or spaghetti with tomatoes or basilic sauce. We aren’t vegan but we are trying to reduce meat as much as possible.

3. What can’t you live without in the garden?

Fruit trees and vegetables! During our childhood we used to play outside and when we were hungry we used to pick fruit from the garden. We also can’t live without the animals living in the garden – only considered as friends of course!

4. What inspires you?

Nature inspires us the most. She’s beautiful and so useful for every living being. Nature is full of information that help us to have a better understanding of life.

5. Describe your perfect day.

A chill day at the beach, in the mountains, at the river.. or in bed watching tv shows 🙂

To see more of Tehau and Vaimiti’s beautiful French Polynesian life visit their Instagram here.

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