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Interview with Adina Chitu, Food Photographer, Stylist and Blogger from Pancake Planet

Lush rich colours, food that almost looks too good to eat and the occasional adorable cat, it was Adina Chitu’s beautiful photography on Instagram that first caught our attention. A visit to her blog and we knew we needed to catch up with her and find out more about her inspiration, her travel and food loves and how she would spend a perfect day.

Where is your favourite travel destination and why?

During the last few years my favourite summer destination was Greece, especially the Greek Islands. I’m deeply in love with the landscapes there, the gorgeous colours of the sea, the fresh seafood, the sound of the waves at night and the friendly locals. I love all of that, it gives me such a nice feeling of peace and serenity, I think it is the closest thing to a paradise on earth.

I always come back home with many baking ideas from each Greek expedition. But I also love European cities, I think my favourite one is Prague.  I simply adore the vibe of this city, its colours, its wonderful food and amazing architecture, if I can choose any city to be my next home, Prague is definitely my next choice.

What is your go-to recipe to cook at home?

Whenever I’m super hungry I go for pasta, you can never go wrong with pasta, right? I love spaghetti carbonara, it is so easy to make, sometimes I use mushrooms instead of pancetta and after having a nice bowl of pasta I love a good stack of pancakes with fresh berries and maple syrup on top, yum!

What cant you live without in the garden?

Hmm, so hard to choose, I think my life would be more difficult without thyme and parsley.

What inspires you?

Talented people always inspire me, I’m always impressed by the power of creation.  Also in food photography I try to recreate the feeling, the emotion that a dish gives you, so I try to choose my props accordingly to that feeling and share it with others.

Describe your perfect day.

Hmm, waking up late, drinking the perfect coffee and have a homemade breakfast, but not made by me, haha, then baking a tiny cake, with a lot of cinnamon cause it is my favourite flavour, take the cake to a picnic and share it with friends, than have a long walk with my boyfriend and after that watch a Hitchcock movie together.

To see more of Adina’s gorgeous work visit her blog here and Instagram here.

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