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Five Ways To Keep Your Home Warmer This Winter

By Deborah Ricketts

As the mercury drops and winter sets in, the unmotivating cold in the air can create a ‘chilled to the bone’ feeling. This can lead us to remain snuggled under our doonas, rather than embracing the day ahead. Australian homes often feel cold in winter and hot in summer, letting the heat and cold in at all the wrong times.

If you aren’t in a position to invest in underfloor heating, double glazing or ducted heating, yet you want some warming solutions so you can spring out of bed in the middle of winter to make the most of the day, then utilise these 5 effective home winter warmer tips. They will not only save you money, but make sure you’re comfortable and cosy all winter long.

1. Magic Carpets

If you have hardwood or tiled floors, you’ll feel the cold the moment your feet hit the floor. Floors account for 10-20 percent of heat loss. So, rug up, literally! Woollen rugs are ideal as they act as an insulator, helping you keep your home warm, and are also aesthetically appealing.

2. Block it out

Use heavy block out blinds, or if you have other window furnishings, make sure you open them during the day to allow the sun in to warm the house. Up to 40% of heating can be lost through windows. Close them prior to sundown to retain the heat in the house. If you’re still experiencing drafts near your windows, check the seals – a simple weather seal tape or door snake can be a goosebump saver.

3. Winter Fans

The concept of turning fans on in winter is weird right? But they’re actually designed to distribute heat, as well as cool down. So, when you change your daylight savings clock, it’s a lovely reminder to change the setting on your fan to ‘winter’. This setting will reverse the fan to a clockwise motion. As warm air rises, using the winter setting will push the warm air back down into your room.

4. Materials matter

There’s nothing worse than being curled in the fetal position in your bed, trying desperately to retain your tiny amount of body heat to stay warm. To avoid this scenario, swap out your thinner summer bed sheets and PJs for fleece and flannel. Ditch those summer weight doonas for your winter warming options, like pure down and wool.

5. Bring back baking

We all crave the stodgy food during winter, so this idea is constructive. Bake! Now is the time to create those slow cooker casseroles, turn your oven on and cook up a family sized roast dinner, or some yummy cakes. While your oven is baking it will create a natural heater for the rooms surrounding it.

Now is the time to change your fan switches, use carpets on naked floors, block out the cold and welcome in the sun. Change up your bedsheets and clothes and bake your favourite dishes to stay warm this winter.

Deborah Ricketts from Versatile VA supports Australian smallservice-based businesses, with outsourced marketing (writing and social media) support. (www.versatileva.com.au)

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