I Tried Fluid Running, and Here Are 5 Reasons Why I love It

Summer in the sumer hemisphere has already reared its head, with an El Nino event being declared already and a heat wave predicted to set in. Fortunately, in Australia, for those of us who are not living near a waterway, there is no shortage of pools, and that comes in handy for those wanting to try a new way to workout.

In fact, water workouts are becoming very popular, but one, in particular, has proven to be the frontrunner, not only because you get a blessed chance to cool off but because of the fact that it gets serious results without the risk of injury. Here are 5 reasons why I loved the Fluid Running workout:

It’s high-intensity

The first thing I love about this workout is it’s high-intensity. I was expecting water running to be like running laps on land, which can get boring fast. Instead, I found the workouts to be very motivating. The interval training elements really work your body, and the speed training was lots of fun, in addition to helping me work on endurance. It’s clear that this workout is designed to get you fit fast.  

It works muscles you didn’t even know you had

After my first few sessions I discovered muscles I didn’t even know I had in my inner thighs, glutes, and deep core. I have not felt this way since my first barre class; needless to say, I was impressed. 

It’s brilliant for those nursing an injury

Fluid Running was originally founded by Jennifer Conroyd, who tore her calf muscle six weeks before a marathon. Determined to find a way to run that race, Jennifer started running in the water as a way to maintain her endurance and cardio strength without further aggravating her injury. Shocked by how well she did in the marathon after training only in the water, Jennifer knew she wanted to share the benefits of deep water running with as many people as possible.  She created a deep water running program to harness the resistance of the water to help more people find a fitness solution, whether to overcome an injury, lose weight, or discover a new full-body cardio and strength workout. 

The workouts are entertaining

From interesting sequencing to fun music, the workouts flow very well, moving you swiftly from one exercise to the next. 

There are workout options depending on the time and resources you have available

When training for a running event, most people mix and match their workout days. They may do 20 minutes of sprint training one day, or a 1.5hr long run another day. Fluid Running has a variety of program lengths ranging from 30 minutes, to 55 minutes and even 90 minutes to suit your time and workout needs. Additionally, Fluid Running offers shallow and deep water workouts depending on the depth of water you have available to you. All in all, this is a brilliant workout that is great fun. It will also be a godsend with the hot temperatures predicted in Australia this summer!

Jennifer Conroyd, Fluid Running Founder
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