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Julie Goodwin’s Upside Down Orange and Ginger Cake

It is probably no surprise that we are big fans of cooking shows here at ele, from The Great British Bake Off to MasterChef, we love watching competitors create drool-worthy dishes on screen. On the current season of MasterChef Australia, MasterChef alumni, Julie Goodwin is back competing on the show 13 years after she won the very first season of Australian MasterChef in 2009.

One of our favourite recipe we have seen her dish up this season was her Orange Upside Down Cake with Orange and Ginger Ice Cream.

We thought we would recreate her dish using her recipes, however we just made the cake and not the ice cream (we will leave that challenge for another cooking day!).

Julie Goodwin’s Orange Upside Down Cake

The cake turned out beautifully, we only had to cook our cake for about 25 minutes, however our oven in the test kitchen here at ele runs hot, so you may need to cook for the full 30-35 minutes.

We had a little trouble with the caramel on the first attempt due to a little over-vigorous stirring, however if you follow Julie’s recipe to the tee it should come out perfectly.

The full recipe for this cake can be found at this link here – trust us everyone in your life will love this cake!

We served the cake with thick dollop cream which was perfect with the citrus-y ginger and orange goodness of the cake.

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