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Live: Exploring the Winter Garden, Australia

We are one month in to winter in Australia and while much of the north of the country is still enjoying warm sunny weather, in the south the cold weather has truly kicked in. It is an interesting time of the year when it feels like the seasons are colliding – mushrooms, roses, camellias and ivy all cohabiting in the garden.Early winter frosts are starting to appear but sunny days are still common, although very crisp and cold. 

Winter is a great time to get the garden prepared for spring – pruning roses, taking out any dead shrubs or trees, mulching to protect against frost and planting winter potted colour and vegetables such as onions, broad beans and spinach.

Whether you are currently experiencing a northern hemisphere summer or a southern winter, we hope you are enjoying it and making the most of the new season.Let us know if you can spot our resident puppy, Ellie, enjoying the cooler weather in the images below!

7 comments on “Live: Exploring the Winter Garden, Australia

  1. Hard to believe you’re in Winter when we are at the height of summer and in the middle of a heatwave (well, it is for us!) in the UK! Beautiful photos!

  2. Wow, these photos are beautiful😍

  3. Over the ditch we are having quite a cold winter so far…and a fair bit of rain. SO looking forward to spring already!

  4. She has lovely colouring, and i love the frosty roses too !

  5. Those frost covered leaves and flowers actually gave me chills. At this time in India temperatures are crossing the 40 degree Celsius mark in some cities. Your pictures are very soothing.

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