Live: Misty Autumn Mornings – Macedon Ranges, Australia

Autumn is in full swing here in Australia and we have been lucky to have some beautiful misty mornings ahead of clear skies and warm, sunny days. These pictures were taken in the lovely Macedon Ranges, about an hour north of Melbourne in an area renowned for its natural beauty and cool mountain climate.

Wherever you are we hope you have a great start to the new week.

15 comments on “Live: Misty Autumn Mornings – Macedon Ranges, Australia

  1. Wow! These photos are beautiful!

  2. lovely photos! 😉

  3. lovely images, I have not had a chance to visit Macedon this year, I fear I may not before the chills of Winter come. Your Cavvy looks just like our boy Buddy, so sweet.

  4. My sister’s vineyard, Curly Flat, is in this area. Beautiful photos.

    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment. We love Curly Flat – beautiful wine and close to where these were taken near Hanging Rock

  5. is this real life? how dreamy! 🙂

  6. This is part of the country I want to spend much more time in – I love these shots!

  7. Amazing, beautiful, inspiring photos!

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