Rustic French Country Home Style

Charm, old-world character, eclectic pieces and simple styling with pieces handed down through generations are the hallmarks of French style. Combined with overgrown gardens bursting with flowers and climbing vines there is something effortlessly attractive about life in the French countryside.

Many of these pictures were taken in the village of Giverny and at Claude Monet’s homestead (1 hour from Paris). The beauty of this area, particularly the gardens, is not to be missed.

7 comments on “Rustic French Country Home Style

  1. Comforting,beautiful, and I started to relax looking at your pictures. I could picture our daughter living here and working on her drawings and paintings all day 🙂 Jen

  2. Fantastic pictures…you really get a sense of the place 😊

  3. Beautiful pictures. It’s a shame many French folk prefer to live in modern houses and many old properties are so run down unless us foreigners buy them! You have certainly captured everything I love about France in these pictures.

  4. Wonderful post! This is definitely my dream country life!

  5. Such beautiful pictures.

  6. gloriously old-world

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