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Nicole Rosenberg’s Tips for Bringing Colour Into Your Home

Interior Decorator Nicole Rosenberg from Liberty Interiors shares her tips on how to embrace striking colours, textures and patterns in your home.

After a gruelling couple of years indoors across most of the country, many of us have started looking to incorporate a sense of lightness and joy into our surroundings. Many bold stylistic choices that we previously turned our backs on are now coming to the forefront, as we all look for fun, freedom and chance to try new things.

We are all becoming much more interested in cultivating a living space that not only highlights our own personality, but that provides a way to get our creative juices flowing after a time of very little stimulation.

Nicole’s Tips

Choose a colour scheme that speaks to your personality and creativity, rather than opting for what is ‘on trend.’ With our recent dining room makeover, I stuck to the vibrant and playful Revive palette from the 2023 Dulux Colour Forecast, because it spoke to my client’s sense of boldness and joyous personality- so it was a match made in heaven.

It can always be tricky to take the leap of faith into embracing bursts of vibrant colour in your home, particularly if you have always stuck true to white, black, grey and neutral tones. I say, just go for it! You won’t regret it, and it is important to remember that paint colours can always be changed.

There are so many creative ways that people can integrate colour into their homes, and it is an incredibly personal choice. Some of my own favourite additions alongside a splash of paint include a colourful rug, bright and bold
accessories, a striking statement piece of furniture or introducing a single eye-catching paint colour to your space.

If you aren’t ready to jump into repainting your home, consider the importance of layering through different textures and patterns in your home. Introducing a
variety of fun elements through soft touches such as cushions, rugs and colourful vessels, may be the first step to revamping your entire home.

A great way to gain some colour confidence and embrace the idea of painting is to spend the time to create a mood board with all of your ideas in one space. This can be a great source of inspiration creatively further down your painting journey, and gives you a chance to get excited about the new journey of your space!

Once your mood board has been created, for colour surety I suggest ordering A4 Colour Stickers or Sample Pots from dulux.com.au in your chosen colours for your space so that you can view these colours in your home’s natural lighting conditions.

A fantastic tip once you have some sample pots handy, is to get some rolls of butcher’s paper and paint a few lengths, and then hang them up in your space. You can let these settle for a week so that you can get a complete sense of whether the colour works with your own personal style and space and has a positive impact on the room.

If you are someone who is interested in injecting bold and bright colours into your home, my number one tip is to not be afraid of colour! It’s all about experimenting with your space and selecting colours that reflect your own creativity, rather than opting for ‘on-trend’ hues that don’t work with your personal style or space.

See more of Nicole’s work at libertyinteriors.com.au

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