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Top Tips for a Hangover-Free Weekend

We asked the team at Brown Brothers for their tips on enjoying a hangover-free weekend while still having fun and enjoying a sociable drink.

You’ve got your outfit in check, your makeup on point, your hair in the perfect do and you’re all set for the best Sunday brunch ever. The catch? It’s a bottomless brunch, and you’ve got work the next morning.

Sound familiar? Well we’ve got you covered. Here’s our best tips on how you can still treat yourself to a drink or two without the fear of a hangover.

1. Start from Zero

With the low and no-alc movement rising in popularity, why not give a low-alcohol bottomless brunch a go? When it comes to tackling potential hangovers, hydration is key. Consider fuelling yourself with some water — sparkling, still or otherwise — to fill up with fluids before the main event.

If you do feel like drinking early, you can also try the likes of super low-alcoholic beverages such as Brown Brothers new Ultra Low Prosecco. With only half a standard drink in the entire bottle, you can be sure to start off with all the flavours of a classic drink, whilst still feeling fresh for the day ahead.

2. Be mindful of quantity and quality

According to the Australian Department of Health, healthy men and women should drink no more than 10 standard drinks a week and no more than 4 standard drinks on any one day. As advocates of mindful drinking, there are ways to treat yourself with a drink and have it taste just like the real thing, without the impending hangover.

3. Sneaky Substitute

For those who want to add a bit of balance back to social occasions, the beauty of low-alc is that it can be the go-to for social drinking occasions; helping you reduce the amount you’re drinking without anyone even realising.

Subbing to a low or no-alcohol every second drink will help to reduce the likelihood of overindulging; and is the perfect alternative for moments where you might want to limit your alcohol consumption to enjoy a clear head the next day.

4. Did someone say cocktails?

What’s a bottomless brunch without a few cocktails? Though delicious on its own, try combining low or no alc prosecco alternatives in traditional prosecco-based cocktails like a Peach Bellini or a Mimosa, to create a refreshing low-alcohol aperitif for all your entertainment needs. The reduced-alcohol beverages will satiate your cravings for the mouthfeel and flavours of classic cocktails that we all know and love, all whilst reducing the risk of any nasty headaches or a rough morning ahead.

5. Wine and dine

Don’t forget that drinking on an empty stomach can make you more vulnerable to becoming intoxicated faster. Which is why it’s always a safe bet to eat and fill up your stomach before consuming any drinks.

Additionally, being the perfect accompaniment for a range of brunch-time foods, don’t forget to enjoy your low or no-alcoholic drinks with perfectly matched flavours that will leave your tastebuds dancing, and help keep you (and your stomach) feeling fuller for longer.

With only 0.5% alc/vol and 25.8 calories per serving, Australia’s very first Ultra Low Prosecco, by wine pioneers Brown Brothers, is available across participating supermarkets and all major liquor stores. Always drink responsibly.

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