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We Try Australia’s First Online Contraceptive Subscription Service

I’ve been on the pill on and off for about 13 years. This means that a couple of times a year I’ve dragged my butt to a doctors office to ask for nothing more than the same prescription I always get. In my late-teens this was a 5-minute walk to the free doctors on my uni campus, now in my late twenties, it’s a $25 uber each way and an $82 appointment fee. That’s a lot of money, and I haven’t even bought the pill yet.

As you can imagine the concept of online contraception subscriptions was very appealing. Kin, Australia’s first (and only) online pill subscription service had been advertising heavily to me on Instagram, so when my current prescription expired, I signed up.

There was an annual $55 membership fee, then a brief questionnaire about my current contraceptive pill, my experiences with it and my health and then I waited for a prescription from their doctor. Once written, I ordered the pill for $80 (my usual price), and the Arncliffe pharmacy posted it to me that day. I’ll repeat this process a few times a year as $80 covers a bit under three months worth of the pill.

My Kin delivery included this cute pill sleeve which makes it much easier to carry discretely in a bag.

While my experience with Kin was, for the most part, very positive, I was slightly confronted by the sheer volume of their messaging and marketing that is related to having a child. That’s not something that is of interest to me, and I would have liked to opt-out of that content. I also imagine it could be triggering for people who have complicated relationships with their fertility or gender.

Though online contraceptive subscriptions are still a new concept here in Aus, in the US, they have a range of different companies offering their versions. Nurx offers birth control and at-home STI testing, Twentyeight Health provides birth control and Plan-B (the US version of ‘The Morning After Pill’), and The Pill Club throw in some extra goodies with their deliveries.

As this space becomes more popular I look forward to seeing women get the opportunity to have a simpler relationship with prescription contraception. In the meantime I’ll be thanking my lucky stars that I’m no longer running across Melbourne trying to get into my GP last minute because I’ve lost my script.

As always, ele recommends you consider your own personal circumstances and health requirements to determine if this type of service is suitable for you.

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