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Where to See Wisteria in London

Late April and early May is the perfect time to see beautiful wisteria in bloom in London. As our Instagram feed blows up with these purple beauties all over the British capital, we thought it was time to round up the best place to see wisteria this spring and get into the wisteria hysteria that sweeps the city.

When to See Wisteria in London

Wisteria blooms come out in Spring, in London the best time to see them is in late April and early May. Blooms will take one to two weeks to fully come out and will last for about 2 weeks after they are in bloom. Mid-May is a great time to see these stunning blooms. These are the best spots to see wisteria in bloom in London.

Kynance Mews, Kensington and Chelsea

This pretty mews street in Kensington is a hotspot for wisteria followers and it is easy to see why. The mews street passes through three Grade II listed heritage arches and is one of London’s most beautiful streets any time of the year but it really comes to life in spring.

Richmond upon Thames, Surrey

Technically Richmond is not in London but being just on the edge we thought it was worthy of inclusion in our list. The pretty streets of this riverside area are awash with wisteria fronted terrace homes and doorways.

ele Tip- Chiswick is close by and you can also see pretty wisteria on the streets in this area of London.

Peckham Rye Park

In South London you can find a beautiful wisteria pergola in the Sexby Garden in Peckham Rye Park. The park is set over 113 acres of land so there is plenty to keep you entertained as you explore the park and surrounds.

Battersea, South London

A district in south London, Battersea is a pretty spot for wisteria hunting. Try Battersea Park or wander the pretty streets of the area to spy these beauties and bloom. St Mary’s Church has a beautiful wisteria that is out in bloom each year.

Notting Hill

Famous for its market and that Julia Roberts film, the rows of terrace houses in Notting Hill are one of the best spots to see wisteria in bloom.

How to Grow Wisteria

Interested in growing wisteria at home? We have all of the tips and tricks to grow these pretty blooms here.

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