Escape: Winter Sun in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is one of our favourite stopover destinations and in the middle of winter it makes the perfect place to soak up some winter sun before heading East. We love the beautiful light at this time of year, the warm sunny days and cooler nights which are perfect for shopping and sightseeing. The sunsets at this time of the year are beautiful and while it isn’t quite swimming weather it is still perfect for a walk on the beach to soak up some of that magical Californian atmosphere.

4 comments on “Escape: Winter Sun in Los Angeles

  1. Life is good in LA LA Land! Love the warm photos on this post! We always like to say that the West coast is the best coast, and the East coast is the beast coast!

  2. Beautiful photos, my happy pixel!! 🙂

  3. Lovely photographs! Would love to be there. It looks so warm compared to our chilly 23 degree cold front here in Hub City.

  4. There are hardly any people on the street. I’m from Chicago and your pictures look so warm and lovely.

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