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How To Poach The Perfect Egg

Being stuck at home is a great opportunity to master some basic cooking skills, and while poaching an egg may seem like the most simple of activities, getting it right every time can be next to impossible.

There are so many tips and tricks for poaching eggs, from adding vinegar or salt to the water, creating a vortex and poaching in a deep pan, however we like to keep it super simple, using only water and carefully timed cooking to create the perfect egg.

Our trick is to use the freshest eggs you can get you hands on and poach them from room temperature, not straight out of the fridge. If they are free range and organic, even better.

We like our poached eggs to be flatter so they sit perfectly on toast, however if you do prefer the more perfectly rounded egg, poaching a single egg at a time in a deep pan of simmering water, creating a vortex is the way to achieve a more rounded egg.


1. Fill a deep edged frypan with 3/4 of water so that the eggs will be completely covered. Place on medium heat and let the water come to a steady simmer.

3. Crack the eggs in to the pan of water, adding no more than four eggs at a time for a large frypan.

4. Gently simmer eggs, using a ladle to spoon water over the top of the eggs once or twice as they cook.

5. Keep an eye on the eggs and after about 3-4 minutes (for soft to medium yolks for large eggs) remove with a slotted spoon and place on a sheet of baking paper allowing the eggs to drain so that all of the water is removed.

6. Serve on fresh buttered toast with a sprinkle of flaked sea salt and cracked pepper or on top of smashed avocado and wilted spinach, sprinkled with a little chill flakes.

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