Live: Beautiful ways to celebrate Mother’s Day (that won’t break the bank)

Here at ELE we love any excuse to celebrate love and Mother’s Day is no exception. In Australia it falls on the second Sunday in May which is the perfect time of year to get out and enjoy the day. There are so many types of mums out there to celebrate – stepmums, foster mums, guardians, new mums, mothers-in-laws, grandmothers (just to name a few!) and the day is a great opportunity to celebrate those special people in your life.

We like to find different ways to celebrate without spending too much money, here are some of our favourite ideas.

1. Visit an art gallery or museum. There are plenty of free galleries and museums in most major cities so why not find one you haven’t visited for a while and take your mum along. Also check out what new exhibitions are on, there may be something your mum has been waiting to see.

2. Attend a life drawing class. This may not be suitable for all mothers (if the models are nude!) but it is a great way to unleash your creative spirit and enjoy a good laugh together as you attempt to recreate the human form.

3. Attend a pottery or glass blowing class. A number of pottery and glass blowing studios have popped up over the recent years, allowing you to try your hand at creating the perfect piece for your home. It is also great to have a momento from the day – even if it is a lopsided vase.

4. Get outdoors and enjoy nature. If you have a particularly active mum this is a great option. We find that walking side by side is a great opportunity to spend some peaceful time with your Mum and have a good old natter, while getting some fresh air and exercise at the same time.

5. Cook up a feast. Are you handy in the kitchen? There is nothing more lovely than a home cooked meal, particularly if you aren’t the one who has to cook it! Spoil your mum by cooking up a feast and have the added bonus of avoiding the crowds at cafes and restaurants.

6. Shout your mum to a pampering spa treatment. You would be hard pressed to find a mum who doesn’t love a chance to be pampered. So why don’t you book a treatment at a day spa, followed by a delicious lunch or an afternoon champagne tea.

7. Volunteer at an Animal Shelter. Perfect for animal-loving mums, find a shelter in your area and volunteer a few hours of your time together to dog walk and spend some time giving much needed love to animals awaiting their forever homes.

8. Attend a yoga or meditation class together. For a blissed out experience try a meditation class together or a relaxing yoga session. There are plenty of free classes in gardens and community centres across most cities or find a local class that is close to home so that you can walk to and from class for some added exercise and time together.

9. Try a cooking class. If your mum is an avid foodie, try a cooking class together. Learn a new skill at the same time as spending some quality time with one another.

10. Get out in the garden. Spending time together weeding, pruning, planting and watering is a great to way to relax. Why not plant a special tree or flower bush together and watch it bloom year after year.

If all else fails, everyone loves a sleep-in, a simple breakfast in bed and a big warm hug from someone they love.

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7 comments on “Live: Beautiful ways to celebrate Mother’s Day (that won’t break the bank)

  1. Lovely ideas. 😍😍

  2. Sheree

    Great suggestions! I’m sure most Mums would just prefer to spend some quality time with their offspring.

    • eatliveescape

      Thanks! That’s so true, particularly if their children are teenagers or have moved out of home!

  3. Great ideas! Thanks for posting!

  4. Mother’s Day is the last Sunday in May here in Sweden, which I think is good because you have a slightly better guarantee of good weather!

    • eatliveescape

      That’s true! We are at the end of Autumn and it’s usually getting cold here when Mother’s Day comes around, right before the winter!

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