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Live: Five of our Favourite Gardening Books

Regular followers of our ELE Instagram will know that we have a love of all things flowers, gardens and cooking so it is no surprise that we love books on all of these topics! We have picked five of our current favourite garden related books – from kitchen garden companions, beautiful private green spaces and dreamy landscapes there is something for every type of garden lover. We hope these books help to inspire your next garden adventure.


Urban Jungle: Living and Styling with Plants

Plant styling ideas and top tips for bringing the outside in for any urban space plus some handy DIY advice – a must for city dwellers looking to ‘green’ up their home.


Kitchen Garden Companion

With over 250 recipes inspired by growing and cooking from your own kitchen garden, Stephanie Alexander’s book will have you inspired to get out and get planting your own fruits, herbs and vegetables immediately.


Gardens of Style: Private Hideaways of the Design World

Ever wanted to take a peak into some of the worlds most talented designers garden hideaways? Then this book is for you, from Christian Dior to Nicole de Vesian, former Hermes designer, this is a rare peak into how the stylish design their private retreats. IMG_0096

Grown & Gathered

The perfect inspiration for anyone interesting in producing and foraging for their own food, this book from the lovely Matt and Lentil features over 100 recipes with a focus on wholefoods and sustainability.


Dreamscapes: Inspiration and Beauty in Gardens Near and Far

A beautiful collection of over fifty of the worlds most beautiful gardens from renowned photographer Claire Takacs.

3 comments on “Live: Five of our Favourite Gardening Books

  1. Those garden books look great. For myself, I like an experimental garden box, elevated, isolated from the rest of the garden. Recently, I just threw a handful of old organic popping corn and one old ear of corn into the box. – result- a beautiful green grasslike display of nature, still growing beautifully

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