Live: Pretty Carnations

Years ago it seemed that carnations were the flower of choice and were abundantly available everywhere. These beautiful flowers have fallen slightly out of favour in recent years in preference for peonies and roses, and while we love all types of flowers we think they are still underrated both as a cut flower and for the garden. These bunches cost us under $6 each and are so beautiful against the dark background.

6 comments on “Live: Pretty Carnations

  1. Stunning!

  2. I love the smell of carnations too!

  3. My local market has carnations all the time for a steal of $3.99! Great post and yes they look gorgeous against the dark background 🙂

  4. I love carnations, especially when mixed with Baby’s Breath and feathery green ferns. They are affordable and dry so beautifully. I often use them in my hand made wreaths. Carnations also have a slightly spicy fragrance. For those of us on a budget they, not the pricey peony, are more often the flower of choice. Thanks for uplifting this humble flower.

  5. I love carnations! beautiful pictures!
    charlie xx

  6. I agree – underrated !
    And I have some variety in my garden – love them

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