Live: Bondi to Coogee Cliff Top Coastal Walk –  Sydney, Australia

Stretching 6km from the eastern suburbs of Bondi to Coogee in Sydney, Australia is a beautiful cliff top walk that winds around the coastline taking in the views of the Pacific Ocean. There are beaches and sheltered bays along the way if you feel like a swim and cafes and bars if you need somewhere to stop and refuel. 

Depending on how fast you walk it should take about 1.5-2 hours. It is not a difficult walk although there are some steep areas and steps. We love to do this walk in the afternoon, following a relaxing lunch in Bondi and ending at the Coogee Pavilion for a sunset drink at the rooftop bar.


Beautiful limestone cliffs.

Cliff top diving near Bondi.

Beach Volleyball at Clovelly Beach.

Beautiful ocean views.

7 comments on “Live: Bondi to Coogee Cliff Top Coastal Walk –  Sydney, Australia

  1. Australia seems more beautiful than i thought

  2. great photos! Love that walk!

  3. I enjoyed these photos very much. Your posting took me to a part of Australia I’ve never known about.

  4. I enjoyed your beautiful photos of Australia, this is one of my bucket lists.

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