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Live: Walking the High Line, New York

Walking the High Line, 2.4 kilometres of park along an abandoned railway track turned park on the west side of Manhattan, is a must do on any visit to the New York. The High Line opened in 2009 and since then has become a tourist destination which attracts almost five million visitors each year. The elevated park starts at the Hudson Yards and runs through to the northern edge of Chelsea and has an abu dance of wildflowers, greenery and killer NYC skyline views. Walking the High Line also gives you a glimpse in to New York life – apartments, disused warehouses, high end retail stores and a rear window style views in to the day to day life of Manhattanites are all on display.

There are a number of places along the walking track where you can head into the neighboring suburbs, out favourite is to take the stairs at W16th Street and head to the Chelsea Markets for some fresh bisque or a plate of lobster and a wander through the market and shops.

With the arrival of Spring in NYC now is the perfect time to visit the High Line to see new life blooming along the track. There are also a number of events held in the park each year and if you are visiting in early October, a mile-long Opera will be on display with 1000 singers performing. There are some interesting books on the High Line including one which tells the story behind the park’s development. For more information about the High Line Park and events visit here.

8 comments on “Live: Walking the High Line, New York

  1. I look forward to doing this walk one day, looks so interesting.

  2. We loved walking the high line, one of the best things to do in New York I think. So much to see as you take the stroll through the rooftops. You see so much of the real New York don’t you? Fascinating.

    • You do, we loved it too. We were surprised how easily you could see in to some of the apartments along the way. Next time we would love to visit in late spring/summer when it is a lot greener (and warmer!).

  3. Love the High Line! It’s a pleasant way to get to appointments, if you have the time to spare. Your pictures truly show how pretty &special it is!

  4. Have heard the High Line park is beautiful, yet I have not been there yet. Your pictures of the surrounding area show its’ uniqueness. Nuce post about a city place.

  5. I’d love to see that park. I’m always concerned about safety in NYC. And most of the ‘native New Yorkers’ either don’t talk about the dangers in NYC or they ignore the dangers if they know about them. I’ve walked over the Brooklyn Bridge (decades ago), and it has changed so much, in construction, hidden views etc). The High Line park looks interesting in that respect as it gives you a very cool view of the city, from an elevated level. Cool pictures. Thanks for sharing those. 🙂

    • Hi, thanks for your comment. Safety is definitely something to think about when travelling. We try to not take any unnecessary risks – stick to populated areas, let someone know where we are going, take a charged phone etc and remain aware at all times but we have found that we haven’t had any trouble in NYC – mainly because there are always so many people around! The High Line is great, we really loved the peek it gave in to the lifestyle of everyday New York life.

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