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Luxurious Stargazing With Views For Miles – Bubble Tent Glamping, Australia

By Amanda Woodard

Who said living in a bubble isn’t good for you? They would change their minds in an instant if they had experienced a Bubbletent.

Sited in some of the most beautiful (and secret) locations in New South Wales, the bubble tents are just that, transparent inflatable globes where you sleep under the stars in luxurious comfort. It takes glamping to a whole new level.

The occasion I chose was for my husband reaching one of those milestone birthdays, you know, the ones with a zero at the end. It was worth every cent to see the look of curiosity on his face as we drove further away from civilization, eventually arriving at the top of a ridge to see on the other side something that looked like it has arrived from space perched on the lip of the mountain.

Photo: Cam Darcy
Photo Mayumi Iwasaki

In complete seclusion, the bubble tent is a chance to completely unwind, listen to the birdsong, watch the sunset and sunrise, count the stars and feel the breeze. But this is no off-grid grind. Stepping into an airlocked sanctuary, you feel cocooned in nature. To keep the tent inflated and cosy, warm air constantly refills the tent through an eco-turbine fully operated by solar and batteries.

Photo: Mayumi Iwasaki

The centrepiece of the bubble is your large luxurious bed and in an adjacent ‘room’ and en suite compost toilet and pump water hand basin that wouldn’t have looked out of place in a five star hotel.

Photo: Saeed Sourati
Photo: Mayumi Iwasaki
Photo: Mayumi Iwasaki

The clear tent sits on a floating deck overlooking the second largest canyon in the world (there’s a clue) and outside there are loungers, tables and hidden compartments containing an Esky with water, gas bottles cutlery and pots etc. You can, however, pre-order meals or cheese and wine platters and chocolates for your arrival.

If, like me, you are a bath lover and don’t get to indulge your passion as often as you would like in Australia, then a few paces from the tent is the piece de resistance: a wood-burning bath made for two. Get the pre-prepared sticks and leaves glowing as soon as you arrive, and come sundown it is warm enough to settle in for champagne and stargazing.

Photo: Mayumi Iwasaki

It almost seems a shame to sleep given the beauty of your surroundings and the changing canvas of stars that greets you each time you open your eyes during the night. Watching the valley come into focus as the morning mist lifted was a rejuvenating experience and a reminder of our place in this magnificent but fragile world.

Photo: Saeed Sourati

Maybe it’s time to get out of your bubble and into The Bubble.

There are currently three bubble tents available to book, Leo, Virgo and Cancer, and each one has slightly different facilities. For more information and bookings visit Bubbletent’s website here.

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