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New Books To Read This Month

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Need a great new book to read this month? The team at Allen & Unwin has a range of great new releases to keep book lovers of every genre entertained.

  1. Nothing But My Body – Tilly Lawless

A thought-provoking, discomforting and beautiful novel about love obsession,
community and friendship. 


2. Life In Words –  Les Carlyon

The collected writing of one of Australia’s most admired authors and journalists, Les Carlyon.


3. Prison Break – Mark Dapin

The true stories behind the myths of Gregory Roberts, John Killick and Australia’s most wanted men.


 4. Just Murdered – Katherine Kovacic

Introducing the fabulous Ms Peregrine Fisher, based on the hit TV series Ms Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries.


5. 28 – Brandon Jack 

A brutally honest memoir that completely rethinks what it means to be a man.


6. Buy Now, Pay Later – Jonathan Shapiro & James Eyers

The fascinating behind the scenes story of the Aussie technology start up that changed the way a whole generation shops. 


7. After The Tampa – Abbas Nazari

The heart-rending story of a child ‘Tampa’ refugee  highlighting the plight and potential of refugees everywhere.


8. Beirut 2020 – Charif Majdalan

Walking the streets of his city, to write down what he sees, the first hints of unrest within a vibrant culture creep to the fore.


9. The Sunny Nihilist – Wendy Syfret

How believing in nothing is the key to a happy life – welcome to Sunny Nihilism.


10. Such A Quiet Place – Megan Miranda

A riveting suspense novel about a shocking murder in an idyllic and close-knit neighbourhood.


11. Reputation – Lex Croucher

The hilarious debut novel from Lex Croucher. A classic romcom with a Regency-era twist, for fans of Bridgerton, Mean Girls and Jane Austen. 


12. We Play Ourselves – Jen Silverman

We Play Ourselves is a wildly entertaining debut novel of female rage, self-sabotage, the pursuit of fame and the costs of artistic ambition.


13. In This Room Will Someday Be Dead – Emily Austin 

This funny and original literary debut about the unintentional consequences of anxiety and the relentless pressures of modern life, starring the most unforgettable literary creation. 


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