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We Review the New Mermade Hair Straightener

We review the new Mermade Hair Straightener and find out if it gives us the pin straight locks of our dreams.

The Mermade PRO Hair Waver has been a go-to hair styling tool for the ele team to create perfect looking waves with minimum fuss. And while bouncy waves are never going out of fashion sometimes we crave straight and silky locks to add a bit of professional glam to our look.

Hair straighteners can be hit and miss and with prices north of $100 you want to make sure you are getting good value. At $99 (AUD), the new Mermade Hair Straightener is not going to break the bank but will it be as effective as some other higher priced straighteners? Let’s find out.

Mermade Hair Straightener

This straightener is cute, it is super lightweight and well, its pink! The Mermade straightener is effective for both straight styles and curls and the portability is a big plus point.

The straightener works well without snagging or tugging, or causing unnecessary damage to the hair (one of our pet hates in hair straighteners). The straighteners heat up quickly and have temperature controlled options so you can choose a temperature that suits your hair. The straighteners also turn off after 1 hour (in case you accidentally leave them on!).

The biggest selling point for us with these straighteners is the portability, we wouldn’t think twice about popping these into our bag and using them for touch ups during the day or to style our day-to-night look with minimum fuss.

While straightener technology has come along in leaps and bounds in recent years, we still suggest using a heat protectant on hair before straightening to keep your hair in top shape.

For the price, the Mermade Hair Straighteners are an excellent choice, particularly if you travel and need portability or like to have a straightener that can easily fit in your bag on days when you need to go from the office to the bar with minimum fuss.

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