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Wellness Trends That Will Transform Your Health in 2022

If you feel like your mind and body are in desperate need of some TLC after the year we’ve had, but you just don’t know where to start, read on. We’re predicting a new wave of wellness trends in the new year, and they might just help to transform your health from the inside out.

By Gabby Ward, The Sports Dietitian Co. and MACROS Food Specialist

Low-alc Beverages

There was a time where all we looked forward to were those post-lockdown drinks, but if you went a bit too hard in the name of freedom, and can’t stomach the thought of one more cocktail (or one more hangover), you can put down the water and reach for an alcohol-free wine, beer or spirit instead.

That’s right, mocktails are in and here to stay, as people are prioritising their health with the emergence of so many low and no alc beverages. Heavy drinking is linked to higher levels of anxiety and depression, as well as disrupted sleep (see our tips here on how to sleep better), and can be extremely damaging to your overall health if not managed.

The ‘buzz-free’ beverage market is quickly growing and you can find a zero-alcohol version of nearly all your favourite tipples. Goodbye hang-xiety and throbbing heads, hello dry 2022.

Fitness Tutorials

We are quickly becoming a society that craves instant gratification, so it should come as no shock that long, gruelling gym sessions are a thing of the past. We’ve gotten used to making do, and fitness tutorials were the way to keep our bodies moving whilst stuck inside.

Now that our schedules are busier, fitting in exercise may seem like an impossible task, so shorter sessions are the way to go. Not only are smaller, at-home workouts more manageable, but you’ll never be bored or stuck for ideas. Simply type ‘15 minute at-home [insert target area here] workout’ into YouTube and prepare to be amazed by the variety at your fingertips.

To ensure you’re performing your best during these shortened workouts, it’s important to fuel your body with the energy-boosting food it needs. Consider a bespoke fitness-based meal plan, like those offered by MACROS, that specifically cater to your targeted goals. Whether that be building muscle or shredding and toning, you have the ability to choose what best suits your lifestyle. When it’s this easy, there truly are no more excuses for skipping out on your sweat session.

Immune Boosters

After a global pandemic, it’s only natural that we are hyper-focused on our immune health. Although ‘immune boosters’ may sound like the way to go, what you really should be focusing on is balance.

Our gut microbiome plays a very important role in our overall health, so on top of a balanced diet, we need to ensure we’re consuming the right vitamins and minerals to prevent sickness.

Ingredients like citrus, hibiscus, turmeric, ginger and zinc are renowned for immune health and reducing the severity of colds, as well as the classic iron, zinc, selenium and magnesium. These won’t make you superhuman, but paired alongside regular exercise, an adequate sleep schedule, and a balanced diet, you’ll feel on top of the world.  

Convenient Eating

Whether it’s the morning after a night out, or you just can’t be bothered to cook, we’ve gotten pretty good at ordering food from the comfort of our own home. Our love affair with the likes of UberEats continues, but in a twisted turn of events, grocery apps have emerged with a bang.

There will be no more ‘just ducking down to the shops’ when it’s as simple as selecting fresh fruit and veg from your phone on the commute home. Convenience is king, which is why I also think we’ll continue to see singles, couples, families trialling at-home meal delivery services to map out their week.

Brands like MACROS offer fresh, dietician-approved meals delivered straight to your door, freeing up that time you would’ve spent prepping and cleaning. With a variety of meal plans available, they’ll also ensure you stay on track with those wellness goals of yours, providing the healthy fuel your body needs.

Digital Detoxing

This might have been the one wellness trend that you didn’t want to hear. We’ve come to rely heavily on our devices, so it can be hard to put them down every now and then. It’s important to remember that our precious eyes weren’t built to be focused on a screen 24/7, so taking some time apart is necessary.

We know by now that screens affect our quality of sleep, but can also increase levels of stress and anxiety. Unplugging for a while and going for a walk or reading a book can help keep you grounded when the big bad world on the internet gets a little too overwhelming.

Digital detoxes don’t have to mean going MIA, but a day (or even a few hours) away from your phone or computer will do wonders for your mental health and productivity.

We have learnt a lot about health and wellness over the past two years. As for 2022, we take our knowledge and continue to grow with both our physical and mental well-being at the forefront of our minds. Here’s to (hopefully) the healthiest year yet!

About Gabby

Gabby Ward is an accredited practising dietitian in the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane area, working with people both face to face and internationally online. Gabby works with both male and female, from the ‘every day active’ person to elite athletes, within mostly CrossFit, weight lifting, powerlifting and general strength and conditioning nutrition.

Within this space, Gabby’s scope has involved sport specific nutrition, competition nutrition, performance nutrition (sport, every day, workplace, cognition), optimising body composition, general gut health (and IBS), relationship with food, female health, hypothalamic amenorrhea, RED-S (relative energy deficit in sport), and chronic disease management, both through individual consulting and group nutrition seminars.

Gabby has a passion for simplifying nutrition to support both performance, nourishment and enjoyment, to have a positive relationship with food and feel your best.


MACROS ready-made meals make healthy eating easy and delicious for every Aussie. Nutritionally-balanced and portion-controlled, MACROS meals are dairy-free and cater to a range of dietary requirements whilst also offering high-protein, low-cal, and low-carb options. Whether you’re looking to sort healthy work lunches, are too busy to cook in the evening, or are looking to support your fitness goals, MACROS has a plan for you with meals that start at $8.70 each.

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