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Five Health And Fitness Courses To Study At Home

As we face a virus outbreak across the globe, it’s more important than ever to be educated about health and fitness. If you’ve been wanting to learn more about topics like gut health, nutrition and the impact of our food chain on the environment, and you’re spending more time at home in an effort to help decrease the spread of germs, here are five affordable and informative short courses, designed by FIAFitnation Nutritionist Sophie Scott, you can study from home:

1. Gut microbiome

Many people are aware of the link between gut health and their overall physical health, but this 18-hour course will also delve into the impact your microbiome has on your mental health too, while also exploring the current gut health industry and the influence of probiotics and fermented foods and drinks on a healthy microbiome.

2. Food and the environment

Exploring veganism, plant-based living and the impact of our food chain on the climate, this in-depth course is an Australian-first. Sustainability will be a key element, while also learning about the future of nutrition, such as lab grown meat and insects, and investigating the connection between the production of food and the environment.

3. The obesity epidemic

Obesity has hit Australia hard. There’s now more than two-thirds of the population that are overweight or obese. This course highlights the main reasons why we’re experiencing growing obesity rates.

4. The science of weight loss

Dispelling myths surrounding diet trends and examining the risk of yo-yo dieting, this course dissects the evidence behind the Australian Dietary Guidelines to find out how we can best use that knowledge to work towards a healthy and sustainable weight loss.  

5. Evidence-based nutrition

Taking a deep-dive into nutrition and the latest research, in this three-part course you will examine the nutritional value of certain diets, analyse food marketing tactics and look at ways to support healthy eating patterns.

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