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Four Uplifting Podcasts That Will Boost Your Mood

While the world reels from social distancing measures and anxiety levels soar, now is the perfect time to take a positivity punch with some inspirational and uplifting listening. Your mental wellness is vital, so while you may have some extra time on your hands dig into four of our favourite podcasts designed to bring you strength, growth and guidance in difficult times. 

1. Good Life Project

This podcast, hosted by Jonathan Fields, is truly motivational listening. With episodes featuring some of the best authors, experts and speakers, such as Brene Brown, Elizabeth Gilbert and Mark Manson, you’ll be presented with uplifting stories and insights that will inspire and encourage you, even in the darkest times. 

2. Affirmation Pod

If you’re strapped for time, but want to listen to something that will make you feel calm, centred and rested, then Josie Ong’s bite-sized podcast could be for you. With meditations that last less than ten minutes, you could find yourself devouring two or three in a row for those feel-good vibes. It’s all about choosing positivity over negativity and will definitely give your mind-set a much-needed boost!

3. Girls Gotta Eat

Hilarious and fun listening, Girls Gotta Eat will have you forgetting your woes. With new episodes such as “Dating During Distancing” and “Love, But Don’t Touch”,  this gem of a podcast is definitely one for the ladies! Hosts Rayna Greenberg and Ashley Hesseltine dip dating and sex advice in comedy to produce a quirky and loveable show that answers your most intimate questions. 

4. The Overwhelmed Brain

Author Paul Colaianni brings you this empowering podcast addressing your fears, anxieties and panic with mindfulness and compassion, along with a dose of authentic guidance and critical thinking for your personal growth. If you’re looking for useful advice on how to establish boundaries, create healthy relationships and improve your life, tune in to The Overwhelmed Brain.

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