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Live: Best Plants for Winter Flowers

It is the beginning of winter in Australia and while we love the cold, frosty landscapes and bare branches, it is lovely to have some winter flowers to brighten up grey days. Here are some of our favourites. 

Daphne – the beautiful scented flowers look so pretty and smell lovely, perfect to pick and bring inside to fill your home with a wonderful fragrance. This plant prefers dappled sunlight and a spot out of the hot afternoon sun and grows best in cool climates.

Camellia – Easy to care for with glossy green leaves and an abundance of striking flowers, unsurprisingly Camellias are a favourite with gardeners the world over. They prefer a shady spot out of the hot midday sun and will do well kept watered but not soggy. 

Trailing Pansy – With a plethora of flowers and beautiful trailing stems, these pansies will brighten up any winter garden. Perfect for hanging baskets or raised plant stands, a sunny, sheltered position with at least six hours of sun per day will ensure an abundance of flowers all through the winter months.

Cyclamen – The perfect houseplant with beautiful blooms, Cyclamen will brighten up the indoors on the coldest winter days. This plant prefers a cool, humid environment and natural light.

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