Live: Shopping on 5th Avenue, New York

Often described as one of the most expensive streets in the world, and the location for countless movie scenes, New York’s Fifth Avenue is a must visit on any trip to the Big Apple. Whether you simply want to wander along window shopping or drop some serious money in the designer boutiques and department stores, the streets from 49th to 60th streets in Midtown are the area to do it. Lord and Taylor, Bergdorf Goodman, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdales, Tiffany & Co, Bulgari and Louis Vuitton are just some of the many stores that line the street. We love to start the day at the lower streets and wander up, making our way eventually to the Plaza Hotel and the entranceway to Central Park. If you are looking for a place to stop for brunch or lunch it is hard to go past Tiffany’s new cafe The Blue Box Cafe located at 727 Fifth Avenue. Reservations are difficult to get so be sure to try and book in advance and if that fails do it New York style and grab a bagel, hot dog or pretzel at one the many street carts. For the ultimate in luxury, and to have a real Big Apple moment, shopping at the exquisite Bergdorf Goodman at 5th and 58th Street is a must. When all of the shopping gets too much, wander across to Central Park and escape the hustle and bustle. For more information and store directory visit Fifth Avenue.

9 comments on “Live: Shopping on 5th Avenue, New York

  1. Great photos! It’s a wonderful avenue to walk along, diving down the side streets, even without going into its many fabulous shops.

  2. Love these photos, take me right back to being there 😍 xx

  3. Beautiful blog and great shots. Bravo!

  4. Love visiting NYC! But have never made it to 5th ave!

  5. Great article and photos! I love NYC and have gone shopping on 5th Avenue. I haven’t been there for a while., though. Your article has inspired me to plan a trip there. (I was born in New York City, but my family moved away when I was very young)

    • Thanks for your comment! It’s such a great city and definitely a wonderful place to shop – I’m sure it would be easy to spend a lot of money on 5th Avenue! Good luck planning your next trip

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