Live: Autumn Beauty, Easter and Luxuriously Long Weekends – Australia

Autumn is in full swing in Australia and with it gloriously sunny days, cool nights and the Easter long weekend. The four day break is the perfect weekend for gardening, market shopping, reading, long walks through the falling leaves and indulging in toasted hot cross buns. No matter where in the world you are we hope you are enjoying a peaceful and relaxing break.

10 comments on “Live: Autumn Beauty, Easter and Luxuriously Long Weekends – Australia

  1. Wow, those autumn colours are just amazing 🙂

  2. Julie Skinner

    Beautiful Victoria, no better place to enjoy autumn.
    Lovely photography E L E. 😍

  3. Fabulous photos! Happy Easter.

  4. I love the colors. My wife made some hot cross buns today. My Grandmother made them. I remember them as a small boy. I love them.

  5. beyondthefjords

    As it is ALMOST (fingers crossed) spring here in Norway, I still can’t help but be jealous of autumn in Australia. Beautiful colors, beautiful season. And I heard about those hot cross buns! Yum!

    • Autumn really is stunning here and the hot cross buns are the best! I imagine spring will also be beautiful in Norway?

      • beyondthefjords

        It will be! If it ever gets here! Haha we had snow yesterday! I’m hoping the long winter & long wait for spring and summer will be worth it!

  6. Love all your photos! So colourful! And love cross buns 😊

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