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Product Pick Of The Week – Enbacci Age Revitalising Face Defence Mask

Enbacci Age Revitalising Face Defence Mask

Price: $23

Why We Love It

In our current isolation situation our home bathroom has become our day spa, which means finding beautiful products that help us feel as pampered and cared for at home as we would in our fave spa. A delicious bubble bath, relaxing face mask and a glass of champagne is our current Sunday night go-to.

Enter Enbacci Age Revitalising Face Defence Mask. We love the simplicity of sheet masks and with Enbacci pioneering the use of electrolytes with fruit stem cell extracts, this innovative sheet masks contains the potent benefits of Swiss apples and French grapes (handy as that is what we are drinking too!).

Rich in vitamins A, B and C, the mask combines a rare Swiss variety of orchid apples, the Uttwiler Spätlauber, and Leucojum Aestivum Bulb Extract to brighten the skin, reduce puffiness, plump fine lines and treat acne scars, blemishes and dark spots. The botulinum effects of Leucojum Aestivum Bulb Extract mimics that of Botox by plumping the skin from within for a fuller, more youthful appearance.

Optimising moisture levels to plump skin and reduce the signs of ageing, this sheet mask contains embryonic fruit stem cells which seek out and synthesise to damaged receptors in the skin and adopt their structural coding in order to renew and repair damage from within (there is a lot of science going on here while we relax in the bath with a glass of bubbles!). Fuelled by potassium, each mask is designed to reverse skin damage by restoring normal cell function, hydration and radiance.

Science aside, we love the soothing, calming effect of this mask and how gorgeously hydrated and plump our skin feels afterwards.

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