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3 Powerful Benefits Of Journalling

By Leanne Shelton

With the takeover of computers, keeping an old-school journal or diary is becoming a thing of the past. These days, the majority of us capture our thoughts and feelings via the technological equivalent – blogs, vlogs, and social media posts.

But journalling is a very therapeutic exercise. Especially when your mind is overwhelmingly cluttered with fears for the future and regrets from the past. 

Here are just 3 of the powerful benefits of journalling:

1. Reduce Stress

Long-term stress can be damaging to your mental, emotional, and physical health. Getting all those swirling thoughts out of your head and onto paper can help you reflect upon and manage the issues at play. 

Journalling at bedtime can support a restful night’s sleep. It provides the opportunity to extract your worries to ensure they don’t keep you awake later. Deal with them in the morning with a fresh frame of mind.

2. Set and Achieve Goals

What are your goals and aspirations for the future? Big or small, write them down in your journal. And keep yourself accountable by recording updates and recounting your achievements. 

Research by Prof. Gail Matthews from Dominican University of California shows writing down your goals on a regular basis significantly increases the likelihood of achieving them.

3. Release Your Creativity

Did you love writing poetry or short stories as a child? Or perhaps you enjoyed drawing? Your journal provides the opportunity to reconnect with your inner creativity. It’s your own private, non-judgemental space to let loose and be playful with whatever words or images spring to mind. 

Still not sure if journalling is right for you? Well, it doesn’t hurt to try. You might actually surprise yourself!

Leanne Shelton is a health and wellness copywriter and content coach at Write Time Marketing. (

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