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A Day In The Life Of Phillipa Kennedy-Wilson, Chocolate Maker From Melbourne Cocoa Chocolate Company

Ever wondered what it would be like to make chocolate full time? We catch up with Melbourne based chocolatier, Phillipa Kennedy-Wilson, and find out what her daily routine looks like.

Morning Routine

I arrive at the factory at 8am in the morning most days and sadly have to part ways with my beautiful great Dane puppy for the day! The first thing I usually do when I arrive at the factory is set up the day for my team so that they know what needs to be done throughout the day. I then run through all the products that need to be manufactured and packaged for the day which usually takes up most of my morning as there is a lot to get through. I’ll always be scanning my daily list of tasks and also looking at any new products that might come on board. Currently at this time of the year we have quite a number of chocolates being developed, especially around Christmas time because who doesn’t love chocolate over the holidays!

Our product development process is mostly all done by hand which can take quite some time. Prior to beginning the development of the new chocolate, I will look at flavour profiles and different types of ingredients for the products so that I can get a clear idea of what the end result will be; which is always a delectable and indulgent chocolate product.

During the Day Routine

During the day, I will be working on any new product development and making sure that my team is manufacturing the developed product to the quality and standards that we pride ourselves on. One of my main responsibilities is the development of and integration of new clients products into production. I’ll stop for a lunch break in between all of this and fuel my brain to continue the day. During busy times of the year, I set aside 12 – 2pm to call new clients and work with them on getting their products finalised or working on the types of products they want.

Evening Routine

From 2pm onwards (until about 4) it is all about getting product out the door! The evening is always busy as we are working hard to get out orders, samples and PR packs. From 4pm onwards I’m looking ahead to tomorrow and planning my schedule as well as the production schedule so that myself and my team are well prepared for the next day. I am liaising with sales, marketing and my team to ensure everything is set up for tomorrow.

About Phillipa

Philippa Kennedy-Wilson is the operations manager at Melbourne Cocoa, Australian-made premium chocolate company. Pip is also lucky to be involved in product development, which sees her in the factory and creating products. Since having a family chocolate business already running, Kennedy and Wilson Chocolate, Pip was introduced to chocolate at a young age and the passion for chocolate making has never left her. She was shown how to appreciate the craft and artistry of making beautiful products as well as being taught to do it herself. Pip is experimenting and creating chocolate almost daily, as she is constantly tasting batches and finished products in order to ensure the quality of the product is what it needs to be. Developing is constant! Her favourite thing is being asked to create a new product as she is constantly experimenting with new flavors.

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