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Pesto Rosso Recipe

While its difficult to go past a traditional basil pesto, this vibrant sun-dried tomato version comes a close second. Sun-ripened tomatoes, fragrant rosemary and crunchy almonds combine to make a delicious Pesto Rosso that is delicious, versatile and easy to make.

We love to serve this tossed through spaghetti topped with black olives and cherry tomatoes for a simple dinner idea or on toasted sour dough bread with sharp cheddar cheese. It also is great to fill a baked potato or as a rich and fragrant pizza sauce.

Pesto Rosso


350 grams of sun-dried tomatoes

1/2 a cup of whole almonds

2 cloves of garlic, peeled

10 basil leaves

1 sprig of fresh rosemary, leaves only

1/4 of a cup of olive oil

1 teaspoon of white balsamic vinegar*

1/4 of a teaspoon of salt

Cracked pepper

*If you are unable to get white balsamic vinegar you can replace with traditional balsamic vinegar

Spaghetti with Pesto Rosso


Add all ingredients to a food processor and pulse until a thick pesto paste forms. Add more olive oil if needed. Serve tossed through pasta or topped on toasted sour dough bread.

This recipe will make enough pesto for more than one use, to store in fridge simple drizzle with a little olive oil in a screw top jar and keep refrigerated, the pesto will keep for 5-7 days. Enjoy!

Spaghetti with Pesto Rosso

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  1. I’ve got sun-dried tomatoes right now. I should try this!

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