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How To Boost Your Immunity

With the changing seasons and the ongoing concerns with coronavirus across the globe, there is no better time to think about maintaining healthy, strong immune systems. Healthy immunity goes hand in hand with good overall health, here are our top tips for keeping your immune system strong.

1. Get Enough Sleep

We all know that good quality restorative sleep (and enough of it) is one of the keys to overall good health but did you also know that sleep produces cytokines, a type of protein, that targets inflammation and infection. Without enough sleep your body will produce and release less cytokines which can result in less natural immunity. Try our tips here for getting a good night’s shut-eye.

2. Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a powerhouse vitamin that boosts immunity by assisting our white blood cells to perform better. As it isn’t naturally produced by the body we need a diet packed with fruit and vegetables such as citrus, red pepper, berries and kale to ensure we are getting enough. Two other Vitamins that play a crucial role in boosting immunity are Vitamin B6 and Vitamin E, by eating a rainbow diet packed full of leafy greens and healthy fruits and vegetables you can guarantee you are getting enough of these immune boosting vitamins in your diet. Read more about the protective benefits of Vitamin C here.

3. Reduce Stress

With busy lives, families and work commitments this can be easier said than done, however finding ways to keep your stress levels in check is particularly important for a strong immune system. Stress reduces your body’s lymphocytes, the white blood cells that help to fight infection, and causes your body to produce more of the hormone cortisol. Over time your body can get used to having too much cortisol which can lead to greater inflammation. Exercise, meditation, mindfulness and activities such as yoga or tai chi are all effective ways to help with stress reduction.

4. Pack Your Diet With Immune Boosting Foods

Foods that support the immune system and are good for overall health should be a mainstay in a healthy diet. Try eating more of the following foods to help boost your immunity.




Red Peppers (capsicums)



Green Tea

Sweet Potato

Sunflower Seeds

4. Take A Supplement

If you know your diet is deficient it can be worth taking a supplement to help boost your natural defences. A number of the ele team swear by Bio-Ceuticals ArmaForce. Packed full of andographis, echinacea, vitamin C, zinc and olive leaf it is a powerful immune booster that can assist when your lifestyle is letting you down.

5. Make Smarter Choices

Avoiding excessive drinking, quitting smoking, exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy weight are all great ways to help the body maintain optimal health and keep the immune system strong. A positive outlook, lots of laughter and spending time and energy on the things that you love is also a great way to keep you mind and body healthy.

6. Maintain Good Hygiene

Maintaining good personal hygiene is critical in the fight against nasty bugs, wash hands thoroughly and regularly, cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing and try to touch your face and mouth less. Keeping your hands clean doesn’t have to be a chore, we love Aesop Ressurection Aromatique Hand Wash and Dr Bronner’s Peppermint Hand Sanitizer for when you are on the go.

By maintaining overall good health, eating well, reducing stress and focusing on getting a great night’s sleep you will give your body a good chance to boost its immunity and help protect you when the inevitable seasonal viruses and germs hit.

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