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The Protective Benefits of Vitamin C

With the change of seasons comes the inevitable colds, flu and allergies that can plague many of us and if you are currently in the northern hemisphere and heading in to a long, cold winter having the right tools to fight these bugs is a must. One of the original and the best is Vitamin C.

From protecting the body against free radicals, assisting with blood pressure reduction, boosting immunity by helping white blood cells to perform better, reducing the risk of heart disease and improving iron consumption, Vitamin C is a true hero in the fight to maintain optimal health and wellbeing. Not getting enough Vitamin C can lead to a host of unwanted symptoms and illnesses including bleeding gums, joint aches and pains, loose teeth, fatigue and difficulty in healing from cuts and wounds.

Because Vitamin C can’t be produced by our bodies we need to get it from other sources, ideally fruits and vegetables. The fruit that most of us go to for our daily vitamin C intake is of course oranges, and while they are an excellent source of this vitamin, other great sources include blackcurrants, red, yellow and green peppers, kale, watercress, strawberries and raspberries. With the recommended daily dosage of Vitamin C 75mg for women and 90mg for men (the equivalent of about one large orange or half a red pepper) it isn’t difficult to get your daily dose. Some medical professionals and scientists recommend a higher daily dosage up to 500mg, so eating a variety of fruit and vegetables packed full of this healthy vitamin is ideal.

Excess Vitamin C will be excreted by the body if it is not required so there is no real downside to having above the recommended daily dosage, just be careful not too exceed the upper dosage limit of 2000mg per day as it can lead to unwanted stomach upsets and issues.

Eating a rainbow diet is always recommended, however if you can’t maintain your Vitamin C levels via food, there are a good range of high quality supplements that can assist in the fight to maintain Vitamin C, try Bioceuticals Ultra Potent-C.

This super vitamin not only protects us from the inside but is also one of the leading vitamins used in skincare to protect against ageing. Vitamin C acts by affecting cells on our inside which in turns helps to protect against wrinkles and dry skin. Applied topically, Vitamin C is known to help increase collagen production, decrease protein fibre damage and decrease wrinkles. Three of our favourite Vitamin C skincare products on the market are Aspect Extreme C Serum, Skinstitut Vitamin C and Skinceuticals C E Ferulic (click here to read our more in-depth review on this product.)

One of our favourite ways to get a quick fix without too much fuss, is by blending strawberries, raspberries, fresh squeezed orange juice and ice for a delicious, sweet and refreshing smoothie packed full of Vitamin C.

Whether it’s through fruit and vegetables, supplements or skincare, be sure to get your daily dose of this wonder vitamin and help to keep your body performing at its very best this season.

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