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The 3 Exercises A Female Trainer Does Everyday for Definition

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There’s no denying that some of us are genetically blessed when it comes to muscle definition, some of us can build muscle at an incredible rate, others will spend hours in the gym and still find it hard to see results. However, the great news is, everyone can build muscle definition if they incorporate the correct exercises into their routine, do them properly and with progressive load to see results. Adala Bolto, founder of ZADI Training shares with us the three exercises that she does everyday for definition.

First things first, did you know that men and women should be training differently?

The reality is that we may benefit from doing different types of exercises for a few reasons – including our hormones, anatomy and physiology. Due to our structure some exercises are better for us than others. Women tend to have wider hips for example, have a naturally greater anterior pelvic tilt which can affect the posterior chain and more

Women generally have more estrogen which means that we have less reliance on glycogen when working out which affects fat burning. Women also have several hormonal changes through the month and exercise plans may need to change as a result. For example, in the first half of a cycle women will often feel strong and perform well so we will respond better to a heavy stimulus. In the second half however we may feel more fatigued and suffer from a change in mood.

1. Push Ups

Push ups are one of the most popular exercises anybody can do, and they’re a great way to gain upper body strength and definition and should really be incorporated into any exercise routine, if you’re trying to burn fat. However, the benefits of pushups go beyond upper body strength, such as serratus anterior (in our chests) and midsection.


  1. Get on all fours placing your shoulders over your hands and your knees underneath your hips.
  2. Walk your hands forward a few inches
  3. Core should be engaged as you lift your knees off the ground
  4. Bend your elbows at 45 degrees as you lower your body up and down


  • Knees can be on the ground for a less intense workout
  • Elbows can be tucked into your body if you want to target your triceps
  • Remember to breathe

2. Weighted Lunges

Lunges are a great leg exercise to do as they strengthen your quadriceps at the front of your thighs and also help with balance, mobility and bone health. Weighted lunges are a step up from the normal lunge as you’re incorporating more weights for a advanced version.


  1. Stand up straight with weights of your choice in each hand, palms facing your thighs
  2. Feet should be less than shoulder width apart
  3. Take a big step forward with either leg and bend your knee directly over you front foot
  4. Step back to your standing position and repeat on either leg


  • If you don’t own weights you can also use water bottles
  • If you’d like a less intense workout, you can also do this exercise with no weights
  • Aim for 8 to 12 lunges per set and two to three sets

3. Bent over row – with resistance band

The bent over row with a resistance band is a great, weight free movement that targets the middle back muscles but then also does engage the muscles of the biceps, forearms, lats, lower back and shoulders. This is one exercise for those who’d like a strong upper body and toned back.


  1. Stand on your resistance band, bending forward slightly and hold your resistance band with each hand
  2. Bend your knees slightly, so they are not locked
  3. Squeeze your shoulder blades as you pull up towards your upper ribs
  4. Lower the band & repeat


  • If you don’t have a resistance band, you can also use weights
  • Be sure to keep your core engaged at all times


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