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The Rise Of The Wellness Retreat

After the year that was 2020 it is no surprise that as we emerge from lockdowns across the globe, travellers are seeking holidays that are a little more wellbeing and health focused.

Recent studies indicate that the Wellness Retreat industry is expecting to see a spike in demand post-lockdown, after new research revealed an 81% increase in online searches in 2020.

New research by the UK’s leading motorhome rental company Camptoo revealed that wellness, activity and camping retreats have seen a massive increase in online searches in the past few years.

Activity retreats are among the fastest growing in the industry after having experienced a 928% increase in online searches from 2019 to 2020, before peaking in March-May, and Camptoo’s Head of Wanderlust, Ed Bassett, is expecting a similar uptake in interest this year as the UK gradually begins to ease out of lockdown.

“Activity-based holidays are among the fastest-growing in the industry, and there’s never been a more exciting time to be involved. The benefits of a wellness retreat are endless, but we really believe that adding something activity-based in the UK – whether it be kayaking, hiking, surfing, wild swimming, climbing, mountain biking – will take that experience to the next level.”

He added: “The industry was booming prior to lockdown last year and despite being locked away, we can see that that enthusiasm has not dropped and with everyone desperate to get out of their homes, it’s the perfect time to get out and explore the great outdoors.

“These kinds of activity retreats are brilliant for the mind and body, reconnecting with nature, trying new things, meeting new people and will do no end of good after a tumultuous year. Hiring a camper or motorhome adds yet more adventure to your holiday and you can experience a self isolated, multi destination, multi activity vacation and go as fast or slow as you desire”.

As well as the high demand for adrenaline-fueled pursuits, yoga retreats remain popular and saw an 890% increase from January to April in 2020, while searches for meditation retreats also jumped notably.

It is a similar case in other parts of the world with a surge in searches in meditation, yoga, health and wellbeing. It is no surprise really, given that wellness has been a popular and growing trend over the last few years.

Wellbeing and Lifestyle consultant Yvonne Wake of added on the benefits of wellness retreats: “Refocusing on yourself and engaging in healthy pursuits like yoga, fitness, country walks, meditation, are all brilliant for mental health, and toning the body.

“I don’t see how the industry cannot continue to grow. There’s absolutely no reason to stop an industry where the earning capacity is getting higher by the year.  We have made the break now and people are really starting to understand what is required to take care of themselves better.

“I expect it to boom once restrictions are lifted as it is the one real thing that is absolutely needed after the past year of limiting conditions, being locked in, being kept away from our usual healthy pursuits, suffering mental health issues, being sad, not being out in the sunshine where we get our best chance of Vitamin D for extra immune protection and so much more. We need to get our health back on track.”

Here at ele we are big supporters of the wellbeing movement and think that anything that benefits our bodies and minds is a positive! Watch out later this year for the launch of our digital wellbeing magazine, ele Wellness.

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