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ELE Personal Development & Wellness: Equine Therapy – The Healing Power of Horses

Equine Therapy is the practice of interactions between horses and humans to promote wellbeing and assist with building confidence, self-esteem, personal growth and a greater understanding of self. It is used to treat a number of mental and physical ailments including stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, addiction and eating disorders, often in combination with more traditional therapies.

The practice of working with horses for health benefits dates back thousands of years when the ancient Greeks used horse riding as a therapeautic aid for a range of illnesses. Over the last 20 to 30 years Equine Therapy has became more common place as a compliment to more traditional therapies.

Many Equine Therapy sessions don’t require you to actually ride a horse but rather interact through simple tasks such as grooming, brushing, leading the horse or even meditation in a horse’s presence, connecting with these majestic beasts without using words.

Due to the highly intuitive and non-judgemental nature of horses, humans are able to interact with the animals in a safe and secure environment in the presence of qualified therapists, and learn more about themselves, their non-verbal communication styles and how they deal with every day life.

Horses are said to mirror the energy that we release into the world, making them a reflection of the emotions we are feeling and helping to guide us to understand more about ourselves.

One of our ELE team recently had the opportunity to try an Equine Therapy session, and in her own words found it ‘uplifting, serene and emotional, I felt a profound sense of calmness and wellbeing following the session’.

With a number of wellness retreats such as Gwinganna in Australia offering Equine Therapy treatments, it can be a great addition to your overall wellness program.

Have you tried Equine Therapy? We would love to hear your thoughts below.

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