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Live: Golden Autumn Days and a Simple Weekend Breakfast Idea

The stunning autumn weather just keeps on coming in Australia with day after day of warm sunshine and clear blue skies. Out in the countryside in Victoria, the beauty of Autumn is truly apparent with golden leaves falling everywhere. It truly is the most spectacular time of the year. Starting the day with an easy, simple breakfast and a long walk through the country is the perfect start to any weekend. We love to spread grainy bread with homemade hummus and top with an egg fried in olive oil and fresh herbs from the garden. Seasoned with sea salt and cracked pepper it is a delicious and wholesome breakfast. Enjoy your weekend, wherever you are in the world.

10 comments on “Live: Golden Autumn Days and a Simple Weekend Breakfast Idea

  1. Fabulous autumnal colours!

  2. Lovely photos!! I love Autumn, is my favorite season! I would like to be in Australia right now… Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  3. Wow such gorgeous photos. One day I would love to see rural Victoria. It’s a blessing and curse to have so many relatives in Melbourne.

  4. Great breakfast idea, and the thought of walking through the leaves in the clear bright air is tantalising. Not quite so autumnal in Queensland, but finally there is a little chill in the air in the morning. Thanks so much for sharing. margaret

  5. Lovely autumn photos – one thing I love about Sydney’s climate is the change from summer to autumn – something that’s definitely and finally kicked in this last few days!

  6. Wow!! That looks unreal! I think that might even beat a UK autumn! Tho colours are simply amazing. And that egg looks so good right now!!

  7. Outstanding pics – absolutely love all the fall colors!!

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