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Live: How to Create a Simple Rose Bouquet

It’s a stunning time of year in Australia and in the ELE garden the first of the seasons roses are out in full bloom. We have created this very simple rose bouquet which would be beautiful for a rustic wedding or as a gift for a friend or loved one. It is so easy to make and costs next to nothing. To see our tutorial on creating this gorgeous bouquet on YouTube click here.

What you will need:

8-12 roses, we used a mix of roses from the garden, some in full bloom and others just budding

5 metres of string

Garden secateurs

Kitchen scissors

Elastic band

To create, use secateurs to trim most of the leaves and thorns from roses. Snip rose stems so they are all the same length. Taking the largest rose at the centre, build the bouquet around the rose until all of the roses are used. Take an elastic band and tie it around the rose stems to secure the bouquet.

Cut string in to 1 metre lengths and take four of the lengths and tie around the bouquet. Take one end of the string and wrap around the bouquet going downwards until there is about ten centimetres left, do the same with the second piece in the opposite direction and once done tie both pieces together in a double knot. Take the remaining metre of string, cut in to four equal lengths and tie around bouquet in a bow. Trim ends.

To keep bouquet fresh, put the stems in to cool water in a vase and spray lightly with water until you are ready to use the bouquet.

Make sure you check out our tutorial here to see us make this bouquet.

Love roses? Click here for tips to keep roses flowering through autumn.

5 comments on “Live: How to Create a Simple Rose Bouquet

  1. So beautiful!

  2. I am terrible at making bouquets. Thanks for the tips!

  3. Lovely pics. The roses fresh as can be.

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