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Taking Five With Mimi LaMontagne, Founder of The Silk Robe

We take five with Mimi LaMontagne, founder of the effortlessly beautiful loungewear label, The Silk Robe.

By Shannon Meddings

What’s your inspiration for your collection of The Silk Robe?

Inspiration comes from necessity with The Silk Robe. I was first inspired to create The Silk Robe when I felt a need for the product – when I found myself relaxing at home, and NOT feeling good about what I chose to wear. That’s where the inspiration comes from for the brand.

For the collection and the pieces within the range, I drew on a combination of elements – timeless cuts and clean lines, inspired by French streetwear; our signature contrast side stripe, inspired by the more sport-focused brands that give our range a point of difference and a contemporary edge; and lastly, travel. I’m inspired by nothing more than seeing someone at the airport, dressed to the nines and looking more comfortable than every woman in the room. There is a certain art to looking fantastic while being totally, utterly comfortable, and seeing someone master that makes me so happy. Our goal with The Silk Robe is to make that easy for every woman.

What’s the most important thing about relaxing in cute loungewear?

Feeling good about yourself! Being a woman in today’s modern world is signing up for a busy life, a life where your phone is always ringing and there’s always something that somebody needs. It’s more important now than ever to remind ourselves we deserve a break,we need to switch off! And when we do give ourselves that luxury, we deserve to have something better to wear than an old oversized t-shirt. To relax and recharge in luxury is to truly treat yourself; it’s a game changer in how one thinks about self-care.

What’s your fave relax-y pastime wearing TSR?

Oh, I love this question! One of my favourite things to do is to make pasta. I find it very therapeutic, and a really fun way to spend the evening whether you’re alone or with friends. Rolling dough, having a glass of red, listening to music and relaxing, wearing silk and feeling fantastic in the safe haven of your home. And, if I just don’t have the energy to cook, then ordering takeaway pizza, putting the feet up, lighting a candle and reading a book. It might sound cliché, but it works!

What’s your fave colourway?

I love them all for different reasons. I can’t just choose one, so, here are my favourite. The Black Sambuca or White Russian colourways. Because black and white are both so versatile, and can be dressed up to the nines without any effort at all. The Merlot colourway, I find it so rich and striking. It makes a statement without being too loud and it’s a great winter colour. If I’m in warm weather, the Chartreuse colourway is very light and summery. It’s also quite unique and I always get complements. It has a knack at brightening a room!

When designing, what elements do you keep in mind?


These are investment pieces, and they are designed to span the ages. They are not designed with seasonal trends in mind. I use simple and flattering cuts with clean lines to create timeless pieces for every woman, every age.


Quality is of the utmost importance to us. We go to great lengths to ensure the quality of our silk and the manufacturing of our product is of the highest quality possible. Our customer is discerning, and we will do everything we can to ensure that she loves her silk, and will be wearing it for years.


I truly believe the modern world isn’t a place for fashion that isn’t versatile. We move at such a fast pace, and just as quickly as we are relaxing at home we can be out on the town with the gals, or headed to a last minute business meeting. The pieces in our range are designed to be versatile enough to suit every situation, and can be mixed and matched with other pieces in your closet.


At the end of the day our closet is full of pieces that we LOVE. That inspire us, that make us feel good, that enhance our lives in some way. Quality silk needs to be all of the principles listed above – but it also needs to have a bit of flair and fun. That’s where our signature side stripe comes in, along with unique colourways that can be worn as a matching set, or as mix-and-match.

Why should everyone have a collection of TSR?

Because you deserve to treat yourself! You work hard, and you deserve to relax in luxury, whether that’s sitting on a plane en route to your summer holiday, sitting on the couch with your feet up, or sitting at a table with good company. You deserve to relax and recharge in luxury.

To see the full collection visit The Silk Robe here.

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