The Five Essentials Getting Us Through Lockdown

Self-isolating, social distancing, lockdown or quarantine – whatever situation you are currently in it is likely to involve little more than yourself, your home and the occasional foray in to the outside world for exercise and a supermarket trip.

Getting through these strange days requires patience and fortitude, but here are a few of the essentials that are helping us to stay sane, one day at a time.

1. Tea

There is something about the process of preparing a pot of tea that always soothes us, the rich aroma, steaming hot water and the patience it requires while it steeps brings us a sense of calmness. We are going through pots of the stuff at the moment, strong English Breakfast to get the day started, peppermint and liquorice in the afternoons to keep our minds sharp and focused and calming sleep tea packed with camomile, lavender and valerian root in the evenings to help us unwind and get a peaceful night’s rest. After all, millions of British can’t be wrong.

See our recipe for home made immunity tea here.

2. Chocolate

This one is a no brainer, COVID or no COVID, chocolate really is one of lifes’s greatest pleasures and one we would struggle to go without these days. Whether you are a dark, milk or white chocolate fan now is the time to savour every little square of the good stuff.

Try our Dark Chocolate Antioxidant Bark recipe here.

3. Outdoor Exercise

One of the very few legitimate excuses to be out of the house, daily outdoor exercise has become a must-do. Whether it is a yoga session in your own back yard, a bike ride around a quiet spot near your home or a hike through the hills, fresh air, connecting back with nature and getting endorphins pumping has become a daily necessity.

4. Wine

Drinking every night is probably a slippery slope we want to avoid, but a delicious glass of Pinot Noir or a crisp Sauvignon at the end of day when work and home schooling is finally finished is one of those little pleasures keeping us sane during this time.

5. Gardening

When life feels precarious, creating new life can be the perfect antidote. Whether you have a whole back yard to play with, an apartment balcony or a tiny spot on the kitchen window sill that catches the sunlight, planting seedlings and plants and watching them grow is a true joy. Read our tips for creating a simple herb garden no matter how much space you have.

However you are keeping entertained at this time, we hope you are staying well, safe and healthy.

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