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Why Taking A Holiday Is Good For Personal Growth

Switching off, resetting, recharging your mind and rejuvenating you body and are some of the many benefits of taking a holiday. Find out why taking a holiday is good for personal growth.

By Eirini Hatzellis

Have you ever immersed yourself in a destination you never thought that you would go to and had a moment that changed your life?

Well, let me tell you I am hearing this more and more from my clients, it is just another way to make memories and learn about ourselves, which is like chicken soup for the soul!

Holidays have changed a lot since I was travelling as a child. Most of the time we just visited family overseas with a little bit of sightseeing. Nowadays many people going on a holiday are seeking something extra that they can’t experience or feel at home. When we travel we can become more brave, adventurous, culturally immersive and eat and do things that we may not have ever heard of or ever dreamt about doing before. Pushing our limits through travelling is a great way to step out of our day-to-day comfort zones.

When I travel my motto is “a life lived in fear is a life half lived” – Baz Luhrman. Like many of us I too am guilty of not pushing my limits every day whilst at home, so why do we become more courageous when we are away?

Going on a holiday lets you break free from your routine, reset, calm the mind, release stress and experience things that are not part of the Monday to Friday norm. It gives you an outlet to recharge your mind and body and work out, where to next from here? When you experience this while you are away you get such a confidence boost that you know you can tackle anything when you get home. You have a chance to see things from a whole new perspective.

Embarking on a holiday is also a great way to make new friends from countries across the oceans, learn about different cultures and share experiences with one another that give us new ideas and greater motivation to bring back in to our lives.

I can personally say getting away from the pressures of life has been character building for me and has enabled me to change the way I see things. My confidence has increased and I am getting better at knowing what I want and don’t want in life and being able to say no, this I consider a major component to keeping my mind calm in this crazy busy life.

So what are you waiting for? Book a holiday and see your personal growth flourish by becoming more courageous, resetting your mind, learning new things and making new friends.

About Eirini

Eirini Hatzellis is a Boutique Travel Specialist, here to create the holiday of your dreams. Her travel company, Envy Boutique Travel will book all your travel requirements, and offer incredible experiences that most people think they can’t afford.

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