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Cherry Blossom, Raspberry and Orange Cake

It is the first birthday of our print and digital magazine, ele Magazine, and almost the start of spring in Australia, so to celebrate we created this delicious double layered orange cake decorated with cherry blossoms.

The combination of sweet orange, raspberry, and whipped cream is so delicious, we know you will want more than one slice, plus the pretty in-season flowers makes it such a beautiful addition to any celebration.

This cake isn’t really difficult to make but there are a few steps so allow yourself a little time to create it. If cherry blossoms aren’t in season, try decorating with any flowers that can be safely used as decoration.



To make the cake, bake two of our Orange Drizzle Cakes but omit the thyme and don’t add the drizzle syrup. Get the recipe here.

Prefer lemon? You can bake two of our lemon cakes to use in this recipe, (remember to omit the drizzle syrup).


50g good quality raspberry jam

250ml cream (suitable to whip)

1 tbsp caster sugar

To make the cream filling, whip the cream and caster sugar until it has formed medium peaks.

ele Tip – Make sure you whip the cream when it is chilled as it will whip faster.

Orange Buttercream Icing

1 1/2 cups soft icing sugar

125g butter

2 tbsp fresh orange juice

To make the buttercream, mix all of the ingredients with an electric beater until the icing is smooth and creamy.


1. One you have baked the two cakes, set aside and allow them to fully cool.

2. To assemble the cake, add a layer of raspberry jam on the top of one of the cakes. Top with a layer of whipped cream, leaving about 1cm around the edge so that when you add the second cake on top the cream won’t spill over the edges.

3. Gently place the second cake on top.

4. Using a piping bag, pipe the orange buttercream onto the cake in large dots, working from the outside in.

5. Decorate with fresh cherry blossoms and flowering rosemary sprigs. Serve and enjoy!

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