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Fitness Trends for 2020

Alex explores the latest fitness trends and the best products to keep your goals on track in 2020.

The new year is my favourite time to commit to making changes. This year, I, like 13% of resolution makers, set a goal to exercise more! It’s been a few weeks now, and though I’m dragging myself to the gym, I’m certainly not happy about it. I needed some motivation, so I’ve been researching what the top fitness trends and products of 2020 will be! Hint: sustainable activewear and at-home fitness are biggies.

Headphones: Jabra Elite Active 75t

An earbud is the most logical headphone choice for the gym; you don’t need to worry about knocking it out of your ear (AirPods), or bulky over-ear headphones getting in the way. The Jabra Elite 75t headphones are frequently touted as the best all-round headphones. Luckily for me, they have now released a sweat-proof version with the Jabra Elite Active 75T. 

The right playlist is key to keeping motivated during a workout, so ensuring I have headphones on hand is vital. The Jabra earbuds appeal to me for their phenomenal battery life, at 7.5 hours active listening time they are dominating anyone else in the market. No need to remember to charge them each night, you can chuck the Jabra’s in your bag and not worry about them for a week.

Activewear: Nimble/Vege Threads

Sustainable activewear is the trend of 2020; I’m getting in early and saying that people are looking to sweat sustainably.

Nimble have been making activewear from recycled plastic bottles since 2015, claiming to have recycled more than 800,000 plastic bottles! Both their MoveLite and COMPRESSLITE™ fabrics are sustainable; so you can feel good while you get your endorphins pumping.

Though there are several options for sustainable activewear, I am in love with Aussie brands Nimble and Vege Threads.

Vege Threads sells ethically-made organic, soft basics and eco swimwear under their main label; and yoga wear under their sister label Organic Yoga Company. Not only are Vege Threads products beautiful and made here in Australia (mostly Melbourne to be specific), but a portion of profits get donated to environmental projects.

Smartwatch: Fossil Hybrid Watches

Regardless of how much people pretend that apple watches are cute, they aren’t. Someone needs to tell you. Sure it can do a lot of things, but do you use all of the features?

For those of us that are a bit more realistic, ie if you’re looking for a stylish analog watch that can track your steps and monitor your heart rate, then Fossil’s hybrid range is perfect for you. I’m certainly in love! 

At-Home Equipment: Peloton

For our North American audience that are fantasizing about gym opportunities where they don’t need to leave their house, Peloton is the one for you. Choose between a bike and a treadmill, both with programmed workouts, and become a part of the Peloton cult. 

My favourite thing about Peloton is that they have a series of live classes that you can log in to throughout the day. Pre-recorded sessions are available (over 5000 of them in fact), but the live class offering puts Peloton into a league of their own. The competition of a class from the comfort of your home sounds ideal!

Yes, admittedly, they recently released a slightly misguided ad that garnered them an amount of online scorn. But, the underlying concept of high-quality at-home exercise equipment has real value.

Free App: Nike Training Club

This app is my favourite because I enjoy the even playing field that Nike have created by making the NTC app free (pun intended). Full of lots of workouts of all different types, lengths and equipment levels. I enjoy being able to target different areas and learn new exercises, no matter the environment.

Whatever your fitness goals are for 2020 the most important thing is getting out there and making a start, your 2021 body will thank you for it.

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